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2nd Responder Program

Dale Smith, Coordinator

The Knights of Columbus has a strong history of assisting communities in the wake of disaster.  Our members have had boots on the ground, assisting with a wide range of relief and recovery efforts, from local to federal disaster declarations. Disaster Response is a natural extension of our founding mission, to provide charitable support for families in distress and the neediest members of our local communities.

Notably, our members have taken action following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, wildfires in Texas and devastating tornadoes in Missouri and Alabama.  Knights of Columbus councils have led major recovery efforts after Hurricane Sandy, the Calgary floods, the West Texas explosion, and the Oklahoma tornadoes of 2013.

As national leaders in charitable service, Knights of Columbus members must be prepared to assist their communities in the event of natural disasters and emergencies.  All members of the Knights of Columbus can train and register for disaster relief work, and they can help to prepare their councils for emergencies as well. 

As we develop a 2nd Responder Program in Illinois, our mission is to aid in disaster response by coordinating the efforts of our members and resources in support of emergency management agencies and 1st Responders.

Illinois councils and members can respond as 2nd Responders to a variety of critical needs, including:

-1st Responder support and staging
-Community resources and donation centers/Points of distribution
-Emergency volunteer support
-Catholic Parish disaster preparation

If your council has participated in disaster relief, has a 2nd Responder program in place, please send me a description of the action taken and/or the program in place.  Please contact me if you are interested in starting a 2nd Responder program for your council, or wish to volunteer as a member of a 2nd Responder group in your area.

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